The Fruit of the Spirit: Generosity - Sunday, July 10, 2016 - Rev. Mary Cox


There is an important point that has been made over and over on Sunday mornings this summer: The fruit of the Spirit comes from the Spirit and we are called to create a space in our lives for God to work through us. I love the thought of that but it doesn’t seem to come naturally. Thanks be to God, experiencing this discipline of faithful living is something that happens supernaturally!

Generosity that gives without oneself in mind first is a rarity in the world today. It is only when we allow God’s generous love to impact us that we can open our minds and hearts and hands to be generous with others.

May we continue to be caught up in the blowing wind of God’s gracious Spirit!

Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor for Mission Outreach

The Fruit of the Spirit Rev. Mary Cox

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