The Abundant Life: With My Church - Sunday, January 17, 2016 - Rev. Mary Cox


As we continue to discover what God intends for us in terms of living abundantly, I was struck with what was mentioned in the first message: "We want to just get by." I hope you have joined me over the past couple of weeks in asking if "just getting by" is all there is in relationships with family and friends.

That type of reflection seems quite personal but what if we are to ask the same of our relationships in church? What is at stake if you and I "want to just get by" when it comes to being a part of the family of faith?

Perhaps there is no better place to try to understand an abundant life of relationships than in the midst of a community of people that profess Christ as Lord of all. Knowing that we are God's people, even while we are sinners, opens an opportunity to humbly and honestly be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. In the family of faith, our relationships can be defined by abundant grace and abundant hope. May God continue to lead us in this exciting, abundant journey.

Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor

The Abundant Life Rev. Mary Cox

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