Seven Last Words of Jesus: Woman, Here Is Your Son - Sunday, March 1, 2015 - Dr. Bill Nisbet


... to worship. Worship is at the center of our congregational life together. From worship we go together to Study our faith, Pray for God’s people and God's world, Serve where our gifts and talents can be useful, and Give a portion of our blessings to God’s work through this church family.

"Church Family" is a part of the third of the seven last words of Jesus. And it is deeper than the "son...mother" references. There is a spiritual seamlessness to our faithful witness that defines the church family. It goes with us from the Lord's Table today into the coming weeks. It is one of the way's God holds us in the hollow of his hand at all times.

Dr. Bill Nisbet
Assistant Pastor

Seven Last Words of Jesus Dr. Bill Nisbet

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