Seven Last Words of Jesus: It Is Finished - Sunday, March 22, 2015 - Rev. Mary Cox

Though our church tradition doesn’t typically observe the “Stations of the Cross,” we have stationed ourselves at the cross to hear the last words Jesus spoke just before his death. Have you had ears to hear the message of God’s love? These words, recorded in the Scripture are meant to draw us close to Jesus who died for you, and me, and all people…

Today you will be with me in paradise.
Woman, here is your son.
Why have you forsaken me?
I am thirsty.
It is finished.

It has been my prayer during this season of Lent, that we would all draw closer to the one who willingly sacrificed his life. Jesus was no stranger to the human experiences of pain, loss, abandonment, and physical need. May we take great comfort and live faith-fully knowing that he is with us, in the midst of our own struggles, today and for the rest of our lives.

Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor

Seven Last Words of Jesus Rev. Mary Cox

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