Really, Jesus? Seven Hard Sayings of Jesus: Turn the Other Cheek? - Sunday, February 8, 2015 - Rev. Lyndsay Slocum

Good Morning!

Welcome to worship at Roswell Presbyterian Church! This morning we will continue our sermon series, Really, Jesus?, with a passage that tells us to turn the other cheek to those who have hurt us. Is that really what Jesus wants? Are we supposed to just forgive and forget every offense? Does Jesus want us to be hurt over and over? We will take a look at that passage this morning and spend some time wrestling with what Jesus intends for us in our relationships with others.

Today is also a special day in the life of our church because it is Bible Sunday. We will present each child in our 3-year-old Sunday School classes a storybook Bible and each of our 3rd graders with a Bible of their very own. It is an incredible gift that you give to our kids and a perfect way to demonstrate the power of God's word to our children!

We are so glad you are here today! I look forward to a great morning of worship together!

Rev. Lyndsay Lee Slocum
Senior Associate Pastor

Really Jesus? Rev. Lyndsay Slocum

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