Really, Jesus? Seven Hard Sayings of Jesus: Commending a Dishonest Steward? - Sunday, January 18, 2015 - Dr. Lane Alderman

Is it really okay to be dishonest?

At first reading, our text for this Sunday suggests that Jesus is commending a man for his dishonesty! Really, Jesus? Is that really what Jesus is saying? This morning we’ll take a look at this most unique parable, and one of the things we’ll discover is that even in this odd story Jesus has a profound challenge for each one of us.

We’re continuing our sermon series in which we are looking at the odd and unique and often difficult sayings of Jesus, and along the way we’re discovering that even in these odd words there is a word of Good News and hope for us all.

I’m glad you are with us at Roswell Presbyterian Church this morning, and I’m praying that in our time together God’s word of hope will be made real for each one of us!

Dr. Lane Alderman

Really Jesus? Dr. Lane Alderman

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