Re-Formed: A Re-Formed Fight - Sunday, November 5, 2017 - Rev. Mary Cox


“Let’s just agree to disagree!” Have you ever found yourself saying this to someone? While it can be a very healthy way to end a disagreement, it’s not always easy getting to that point. In relationships, we often focus on differences of opinions, perceptions, and biases (yes, we all have them). But let’s remember that differences don’t have to disappear. They can actually add depth and wisdom to how we experience life!

This morning, we will look at the relationship between two well-known leaders of the early church, Peter and Paul. Will you be shocked to hear that they had a very controversial and public disagreement? It is my prayer that we will learn from the experience of these two (and others) that it is, indeed, okay to agree to disagree when Christ is central to our lives.

Welcome to Worship,
Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor for Mission Outreach

Re-Formed Rev. Mary Cox

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