No Fear November: Not Always A Bad Thing - Sunday, November 11, 2018 - Rev. Jeff Meyers


Over the past several months as election day approached, we had no shortage of political ads playing on our fears. Fear of a downturn in the economy, immigration, violence - the list goes on and on. Usually, the Bible says that we should avoid fear at all costs, that is, except in one case. Today, we will explore what that case is and why fear is not always a bad thing.

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Also, I want you to know that this morning at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Andrew Esqueda will be ordained and installed as an associate pastor. Andrew served on the RPC youth ministry staff for three years and has been under care at RPC as he has prepared for ordination. This is big day for Andrew and for RPC!

Grace and peace,
Rev. Jeff Meyers
Senior Pastor

No Fear November Rev. Jeff Meyers

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