Listening Through the Lectionary: Cheap Grace - Sunday, June 24, 2018 - Rev. Emily Wright


What do you think of the word, cheap? I love it when I get something quality for cheap, but I do not like it when my clothing is called cheap-looking. It is a word with both positive and negative uses. In our New Testament passage, the Apostle Paul encourages us to not let the grace of God be accepted in vain, or in other words, do not let the grace of God become cheap. This might seem weird to associate God’s grace with a word usually associated with a financial mean-ing. What is Paul doing here?

I cannot wait to dive into this scripture with you. I know today we come from many different places, both literally and figuratively. During this time of worship, may each of us be unified through the welcoming and loving presence of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is for each of us to discover anew what God’s grace is AND how we can best accept it into our lives.
Blessings on your heads,

Blessings on your heads, 
Rev. Emily Wright
Senior Associate Pastor

Listening Through the... Rev. Emily Wright

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