King Jesus and John - Sunday, November 30, 2014 - Rev. Lyndsay Slocum

Good morning!

This morning is the first Sunday in Advent. As we begin to prepare for the arrival of Jesus Christ the King, we are first going to look at the story of John the Baptist. He came ahead of Jesus, asking people to repent and prepare the way for the one who was to follow John. We will think about why we need to prepare for the coming King and what is important about repentance.

Perhaps you associate repentance with the street preachers who stand on the corner demanding immediate repentance or else suffer eternal doom, but is that what John really had in mind? I have to tell you, I think it is something a little deeper than that. As we explore this story today, I am grateful that God has brought us together this morning for a fantastic time of worship!

Rev. Lyndsay Lee Slocum
Senior Associate Pastor

King Jesus Rev. Lyndsay Slocum

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