King Jesus and Herod- Sunday, December 7, 2014 - Dr. Lane Alderman

Living in Herod's World...

Welcome to worship on this Second Sunday in Advent! This morning we’re continuing our sermon series in which we are exploring what it means to affirm that Jesus is king over all areas of the world. What does it mean for us to affirm that this baby born in Bethlehem is King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Those are the questions we will explore this morning, and our exploration will lead us to our Lord’s Table, a place of challenge, but most of all a place of grace and welcome and acceptance. When we gather around that table, one of the messages you will hear is that this is not our table, nor is it a Presbyterian table. It is our Lord’s table.

I hope you will experience the warmth of that welcome as you gather with us today at Roswell Presbyterian Church!

Dr. Lane Alderman

King Jesus Dr. Lane Alderman

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