Jesus Is King - Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015 - Rev. Lyndsay Slocum


On that first Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem with the crowds lining the streets and shouting, “Hosanna,” the Hebrew word for “save us!” They were looking forward to a king - one as powerful and great as King David who would rescue them from the Romans. One thousand years earlier David had ushered in the “Golden Age of Israel.” Now they were hoping Jesus would do the same.

What they didn’t realize was that Jesus was there to be king and to rescue them, not from the Romans, but from the power of sin and brokenness. Jesus had come to bring life, and to bring it with abundance!

Today marks the beginning of the week we call Holy. I look forward to walking with you through the joy of Palm Sunday, the struggle of Maundy Thursday, and the agony of Good Friday, so that we might arrive together at the triumph of Easter morning.

Many blessings on your Holy Week!
Rev. Lyndsay Lee Slocum
Senior Associate Pastor

Jesus Is King, Palm Sunday Rev. Lyndsay Slocum

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