iServe - Sunday, October 25, 2015 - Rev. Emily Wright


Have you ever been the most important person in the room? The only time I can think of, where I thought this was the case, was on my 13th birthday. I walked into my house in the afternoon and was shocked to be greeted by classmates and friends from school at a surprise party for me. To be honest, it felt remarkable. I remember wondering if I had this many friends (truth be told my mom had to invite the whole class). It was such a special day. I cannot imagine if one of them had tried to steal the show from me.

In our scripture today we will get to know John the Baptist. At the height of his ministry, John was the most important person that walked into a room for sure. And yet, when the Messiah Jesus Christ, enters the scene, John models for us the ultimate attitude as a follower and servant of Christ humility. May the story of John inspire us all to do the same today. 

Rev. Emily Wright
Senior Associate Pastor

iServe Rev. Emily Wright

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