Into the Wilderness: The Gathering at God's Holy Mountain - Sunday, June 28, 2015 - Dr. Bill Nisbet

Welcome to Roswell Presbyterian Church!

Do you gather with family and friends for vacation, weddings or holidays? These are times we catch up and create new memories. Some have large, extended, traditional families. Others define family around neighborhood, school, work, hobbies, or any eclectic grouping where, the saying goes, "everybody knows your name."

We are gathering with family today. We gather when we worship, pray, give, study, and serve together. Today, 10% of us in worship will be RPC guests - some here for the first time, some for one of many times. If you are a guest, we are family as together we worship God.

Wherever you travel this summer, wherever you gather with family, wherever you worship, have safe travels. See you in worship next Sunday too.

Dr. Bill Nisbet
Assistant Pastor

Into the Wilderness Dr. Bill Nisbet

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