Into the Wilderness: The Contest on Mount Carmel - Sunday, June 21, 2015 - Rev. Brad Clayton

Good morning!

What an incredible week! We began last Sunday with a wonderful celebration of Lane and Ellie. Just a few hours later, 450 children arrived for Vacation Bible School. It was a week full of volunteers, memories, generosity, and gratitude. I am thankful that I could share this week with you all.

Today we will continue our journey Into the Wilderness as we read the story of the contest on Mount Carmel. There was a drought in ancient Israel, and many Israelites had given up on God and looked for help in other places. When you are struggling in the midst of the wilderness, where do you find the most hope and comfort? We will look at how Elijah reminds the Israelites that there is only one God and we must always look to God for our hope and salvation.

Rev. Brad Clayton
Associate Pastor

Into the Wilderness Rev. Brad Clayton

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