Great Expectations: Serve With All Your Heart! - Sunday, October 5, 2014 - Rev. Mary Cox

Welcome to World Communion Sunday!

Christ invites us all to this holy Feast.
As we gather this morning,
we remember our sisters and brothers
from above and below the equator,
from every time zone around the globe,
and especially from Guatemala, Kenya, and the Yucatan.
As today's sunlight inches across land and sea
Christians gather to celebrate their place in God's family.
All are invited and all are welcome.
Come, for the meal is ready!

May we sense God's presence in a special way on this day of celebration
and go forward from this place with a nourished love for the world.

* Text adapted from Come, For the Meal is Ready. From Worship Ways, Volume 7, United Church of Christ.

Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor

Great Expectations Rev. Mary Cox

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