Generosity 2019: Lifelong Impact - Sunday, October 14, 2018 - Rev. Emily Wright


When Jeff asked me to choose a scripture that showed lifelong impact, I could not think of a better example than Joseph. From birth to death, this Old Testament figure had his life impacted by God through others AND then used his gifts to impact others....even when the people involved did not know it.

During our Generosity 2019 campaign, we will learn from scripture and hear from RPC church members how God has impacted their life and faith. I am privileged to hear, see, and tell stories of impact each day at work. My prayer is that this season, each of us might be encouraged and transformed by these stories, and then hopefully be equipped to see how God is at work in our own lives.

Rev. Emily Wright
Senior Associate Pastor

Generosity 2019 Rev. Emily Wright

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