Don't Stop Believin': Judgment - Sunday, September 9, 2018 - Rev. Jeff Meyers


I can’t believe fall is already here. If I was forced to pick my favorite time of year in Georgia, it would be fall. After such a hot and humid summer, I am ready for the cooling temperatures, the turning colors of the leaves, and the sounds of college football. I am also excited for all the events and ministries that are happening around the church this fall – make sure and check them out in this bulletin or at

In today’s service we will explore the theme of judgment. Whereas many people understand the concept of judgment as a flaw of Christian belief, I will argue that, rightfully understood, it should be seen as one of its great features. I hope you find this as intriguing as I do!

Rev. Jeff Meyers
Senior Pastor

Don't Stop Believin' Rev. Jeff Meyers

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