Be Multiplied: The Gift of Community - Sunday, September 13, 2015 - Rev. Brad Clayton


I have always wanted to be a generous person. My family is full of generous people who have given their time and money and energy to those in need. They have also used their gifts to support me and I would not be here today without them. My family taught me that generosity requires a combination of discipline and faith. If I am not disciplined then I cannot keep the generous promises that I make. If I don't take leaps of faith, then my gifts will only bring glory to me, instead of glory to God.

Today we are beginning a new sermon series called, "Be Multiplied". We will see how God used the prophet Elisa and the community of Israel to care for a woman in need. Through her faith and the generosity of the community, God provides a miracle. Our Congregational Care Council will help to lead worship today. I am excited to see how God may work through our faith this morning.

Rev. Brad Clayton
Associate Pastor

Be Multiplied Rev. Brad Clayton

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