Advent Family Tree: Grace and Gratitude - Sunday, December 30, 2018 - Dr. Bill Nisbet


We continue our scriptural journey in Matthew today. This passage from Matthew is difficult in many ways. Jeff told me I could change it but I will use it to speak of “Grace and Gratitude,” what I believe to be an important foundation of my life and ministry. Passages such as this must be read remembering what we are thankful for because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today I finish 42-1/2 years of active ministry in the Presbyterian Church. I have been blessed each of those years with caring and committed congregations where I have been privileged to be a solo pastor, Associate Pastor, Interim Pastor and Assistant Pastor for Congregational Care here at RPC. From my perspective, the best congregation is this last one. The ways in which you use your gifts and talents in the many ministries of RPC is a joy to behold and a vivid witness to Jesus Christ. Don’t stop!! Cheryl and I will take a season away from the church and return in 2020. I pray you will continue to go from strength to strength next year and every year thereafter.

Peace and Blessings,
Dr. Bill Nisbet
Assistant Pastor for Congregational Care

Advent Family Tree Dr. Bill Nisbet

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