Advent 2016 - Come And See - Sunday, December 11, 2016 - Dr. Mark Brewer

*This is the complete 11:15 a.m. worship service from Sunday, December 11, 2016.


It is more than curious that God chose to send the choirs of heaven to a bunch of shepherds near Bethlehem. Though we tend to romanticize the whole notion of shepherds, they were really the outcasts of society. This would be similar to God telling those that we consider the outcasts of society his spectacular plans first. That is so like God. The Lord delights in using the weak and poor and unknown in life vs. the powerful or the rich or the well connected. Why? So we don't confuse who is really doing the work. It's the Lord and not us. What an incredible liberating truth to discover this rich 'insignificance' and to be freed from having to prove ourselves to the Lord or anyone! Hard to believe? Then the invitation to Come And See is just what we need.

Dr. Mark Brewer
Interim Senior Pastor

Advent 2016, Come Dr. Mark Brewer

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