Above and Beyond... The Man - Sunday, May 3, 2015 - Rev. Mary Cox

I have no doubt that when we give our 2nd Mile for Mission gifts to our mission partners in Kenya, Guatemala, and the Yucatan, lives will be impacted. I am confident that our gifts will help educate, shelter, and feed families through our local mission partners. But what will giving to 2nd Mile for Mission do inside my heart and your heart?

It is all too easy to give because it makes us feel good. Jesus calls us to give "above and beyond" because God first gave to us and frankly, sometimes this is really hard. Still, when we model God's practice of generous and sacrificial giving, we are drawn closer to God's own heart and that is where our hearts are changed.

May our giving reflect God's love that goes above and beyond anything we could ever hope for or imagine.

Rev. Mary Cox
Associate Pastor

Above and Beyond, 2nd Mile for Mission Rev. Mary Cox

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