A Sermon From the Lectionary: The Children of God - Sunday, May 27, 2018 - Rev. Emily Wright


Happy Summer! For RPC, summer is extremely busy and we need your help! Please consider serving as a volunteer for Vacation Bible School. Ask any staff member for more information.

A program like VBS reminds us how many different people are needed for its success. All people are different, with different looks and skills; people are located in millions of different places doing different things. Yet, all people have so very much in common. All people were born from a woman. All people breathe air through their lungs. And all people have been children. Today, our text reminds us whose children we all are - Children of God. And even more, we are actually adopted by God! This is overwhelming news. What does this news mean for your life and mine? I can’t wait to dive into scripture to discover it with you.

Here's to a fulfilling summer, 
Rev. Emily Wright
Senior Associate Pastor

A Sermon From the... Rev. Emily Wright

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