A Celebration of Community - Sunday, November 2, 2014 - Dr. Lane Alderman

The God who has been our help in ages past...

... will most certainly be our hope for years to come! Those words from the hymn by Isaac Watts have special meaning this morning. Today we are celebrating the 175 years of worship, ministry, and mission of the Roswell Presbyterian Church. In October of 1839 the Rev. Nathaniel Pratt gathered with fifteen citizens of the new community of Roswell to organize a Presbyterian Church. Sitting in the front parlor of Primrose Cottage, they held the first worship service of what would become the special congregation you and I love today.

Through times of war and depression, times of growth and celebration, times of setbacks as well as times of renewal, the Roswell Presbyterian Church has faithfully gathered for worship, engaged in study, and gone out in mission to serve the Risen Lord.

Today we celebrate those faithful men and women on whose shoulders we stand. We give thanks for their commitment, and we offer prayers of gratitude for their service.

Most of all, however, we give thanks to the God who has sustained this church, the God who has held this congregation together, the God who has given us the strength and the courage we have needed to endure and even thrive.

With confidence and celebration, we join together in affirming that the God who has been our help in ages past will most certainly be our hope for years to come!

Dr. Lane Alderman

Celebration of Community Dr. Lane Alderman

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