Generosity 2019 Thank you


Your commit will enable Roswell Presbyterian Church to make an IMPACT in 2019

Here are a few ways that Roswell Presbyterian Church is already making an IMPACT:

IMPACT of our Discipleship Ministry

Walking alongside people from birth to the sunset years.

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It has made me realize we are all our own version of ‘normal’ and RPC helps so many people, whatever your version of ‘normal’ is. They love me how I am and make me realize I fit in here just as I am.
— Stephanie Johnson, Member since 2001

IMPACT of our Mission Outreach

Connecting with our neighbors through our Neighborhood Action Ministry.

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Being taught English has changed my life. I can better communicate with my children’s school. My dream is that my children will be given opportunities that I had never had through our partnership.
— Paula Fernandez, Ministry leader

IMPACT of our Pastoral Care Ministry

Being present for our members experiencing pain, sickness, and loss.

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RPC means the world to me. I found the Lord there, now I’m happy with no care. Praise the Lord He led me there. It’s Sunday morning, I’m in my seat, since I found the Lord my life is sweet.
— Jim Roberts, Member since 2002

IMPACT of our Worship Ministry

Excellence in Worship — from the Historic Sanctuary to the established traditional service in our main sanctuary to the new contemporary service in the gym.

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RPC@Eleven is awesome! Members new and old, frequent visitors, and first-time guests will stretch, strengthen, and awaken their faith in new and unexpected ways with this new service. Surely God is at work in a powerful way here at RPC! All involved are sharing the love of Christ with open, welcoming arms. Many thanks to each of you for the countless hours you have invested to make this a reality.
— Julie Hellman, Member since 2002