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Sola Scriptura - Bible Survey Adult Sunday School

Sola Scriptura - Is Scripture ALL that we need?
Bible Survey Adult Sunday School Class Three-Part Summer Series
Sundays, July 9-23, 2017

9:45 a.m. in CLB 243
Led by Bill Austin

Sola Scriptura (Scriptures Alone) is a theological doctrine which states that the Christian Scriptures are the sole infallible rule of faith and practice. It is a foundational principle of the Protestant Reformation and of the Presbyterian Church.

This three-part series examines the origin of the belief, probes its rationale and application, and takes into consideration opposing views such as Prima Scriptura (Scripture First) and the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

Class One - Sunday, July 9
We will examine doctrine considering the history of the church and of the Bible. The earliest Christians were taught under the guidance of the original Apostles. As these men died out, the growth of the church was heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church. This tradition remains at the heart of the Catholic faith even as it is questioned by Protestants.

Class Two - Sunday, July 16
We will consider the case for and against the traditional Protestant stance of scripture alone. Since there was no Bible for the early Christians, where did their ultimate authority come?

Class Three - Sunday, 23
We will look at the Protestant tradition and look at familiar aspects of worship and faith in the light of the absences of biblical sources.

We expect lively discussions and a fuller understanding of what Presbyterians believe... and why. Along the way, we expect our perspective to be broadened and our faith strengthened.